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Agave attenuata, 3 heads, plant/total 30/52 cm (H5)

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Agave attenuata, 3 heads, plant/total 30/52 cm (H5)


Agave attenuata

3 Shoots, will make 3 beatiful heads.
They are still small at the moment, which is perfect for sending in a package.

Frost Tolerance: hardy to -1°C, it needs frost protection on coldest nights.
Minimum Avg. Temperature: 10°C.
Sun Exposure: light shade.
Origin: Mountains of central Mexico, rare in its natural distribution.
Growth Habits: Succulents, clumps to 1,5 m tall, 1,5 m diameter.
Watering Needs: Infrequent water, soil should be dry.

Informação Adicional

Specie Agave attenuata
plantheight 30-40 cm
Altura total: 50-60 cm
Pot size: diam. 19 cm
Folha de cores: verde
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Preço: 34,95 €
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