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Agave montana, diam. 15-20 cm

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Agave montana, diam. 15-20 cm


Agave montana

Agave montana is a beautiful agave from mountain areas like the La Peña mountains in Mexico.
Agave montana grows at high altitudes of 3000 m in the shade of pine forest, that’s what makes it a good candidate for our wet climate and outside gardens here in Europe. 
It forms a beautiful rosette of variably patterned leafs and can have variably teeth along the margins.
It will grow huge: up to 1.8 m high and 1.5 m across.
Makes no ofsets.
Cold hardy till -15°C.

Informations complémentaires

Specie Agave montana
Diamètre de la plante: 10-19 cm
Pot size: diam. 15 cm
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Prix: 7,95 €
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