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Aloe vera barbadensis, 3 year plants, total 90-100 cm

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Aloe vera barbadensis, 3 year plants, total 90-100 cm


Aloe vera barbadensis

Especially known for the healing effect of the Gel.
Origin: Mediterranean and Africa.
Clump-forming succulent, leaves in rosette, dusty green plump points, toothed margin.
Yellow or orange tubular flowers in arrow-shaped cluster; bloom in spring and sporadically.
Hardiness: damaged at 0°C.
Exposure: full sun to part shade.
Water: natural rainfall; better appearance and growth on 1-2 irrigations in hot season.
Soil: adaptable, good drainage.
Aloë Vera can be used externally for burns, skin irritation and sunburn.
The gel from the leaves can be lubricated directly on the skin.

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Specie Aloe vera barbadensis
Specie Aloe vera barbadensis
Altura total: 90-100 cm
Pot size: height: 20 cm
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