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Blechnum chilensis, 10,5 ltr. pot

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Blechnum chilensis, 10,5 ltr. pot


Blechnum chilensis:

Blechnum chilensis is native to Chile, produces a large clump, with a short trunk about 15 cm high, total 2 m in height. 
New fronds are red, slowly turning green throughout the season. 
They are covered with reddish coffee colored scales. 
New sprouts are found within the rhizomes on the surface of the soil. 
Spores can be found on the lower surface of the leaves and can completely cover this surface. 
Ideal for the shaded corner of the garden. 
Hardy, evergreen.

Additional Information

Specie Blechnum chilensis
Pot size: 10,5 ltr.
The plant on the picture is what you buy no
Price: €29.95
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