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Brahea armata, stem/plant/total 35/100/130 cm (No. 1)

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Brahea armata, stem/plant/total 35/100/130 cm (No. 1)


Brahea armata:

From Mexico comes this beautiful, cold tolerant palm with unusual blue fan-shaped leaves.
Brahea armata has one of the bluest colours of any palm.
Rather slow growing, this palm can take quite heavy frosts when mature -10°C, as long as it is kept in very well-drained soil.
However, we recommend that it be given some protection when young.
\ This palm can reach a height from 12 m.
\ Can be send in a package without pot!

Informação Adicional

Specie Brahea armata
Trunk size: 30-39 cm
plantheight 100-110 cm
Altura total: 130-140 cm
Pot size: 50 ltr.
Folha de cores: azul
Min. temperatura: -5 / -10°C
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Preço: 175,00 €
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