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Bursera fagaroides, Mexican bonsai, No. 3 (wysiwyg)

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Quick Overview

Bursera fagaroides, Mexican bonsai
Plant height: 62 cm
Total height: 82 cm


Origin: Northwest-Mexico to South-Arizona.
Also called elephant tree and is very suitable as bonsai.
Broad, small tree up to 4.8 m with very short, thick trunk.
The flowers are small, creamy and grow both in clusters as single.
Give little water, cold-resistant to -4°C, full sun.

Additional Information

Specie Bursera fagaroides
Specie No
Trunk size: No
Plant height 60-70 cm
Total height: 80-90 cm
Single / multhihead: single head
Trimmed / untrimmed: trimmed
Plant diameter: 40-49 cm
Pot size: No
Leaf color: green
Min. temperature: 0 / -5°C
The plant on the picture is what you buy yes
Price: €49.95

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