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Calibanus hookeri, caudex diam. 4-5 cm, 2 shoots

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Calibanus hookeri, caudex diam. 4-5 cm, 2 shoots


Calibanus hookeri

Origin from North central Mexico (San Luis Potosi).
The form of this plant is much like a trunk less bear grass (Nolina).
Caudex topped by perennial grassy looking silver-blue leaves, up to 90 cm long and expanded from a woody base.
This swollen trunk is often exposed in cultivation by caudiciform enthusiasts.
It withstood temperatures of -17°C, but its exact hardiness is unknown.
Because of its extreme drought tolerance it makes a great container plant for light shade to full sun, or is an excellent foliage accent to the dry garden in warm regions.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Specie Calibanus hookeri
Altezza totale: 50-60 cm
Impianto di diametro: 0-10 cm
Pot size: P11
Foglia di colore verde
Min. temperatura: -15 / -20°C
Si acquista il prodotto nella foto: no
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Country of Manufacture Messico
Prezzo: 19,50 €
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