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Chamaerops humilis, plant 70-80 cm, 3 ltr. pot

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Chamaerops humilis, plant 70-80 cm, 3 ltr. pot


Chamaerops humilis

This dwarf palm Chamaerops humilis is one of the most well known palms and is mostly multitrunked.
It is also the most variable palm type.
The leaf colour and height can strongly differ.
Sometimes the leaf colour is dark green and in an another case more greygreen, the leaf stem becomes generally no longer then 50 cm.
Plant this dwarf palm in a sunny place, although it also can grow in half shade.
By temperatures beneath -13°C it is recommended to protect the plant.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Specie Chamaerops humilis
plantheight 70-80 cm
Foglia di colore verde
Min. temperatura: -10 / -15°C
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