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Colocasia esculenta "Pink China"

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Colocasia esculenta "Pink China"


Colocasia esculenta "China Pink"


Colocasia esculenta "China Pink" is also called "Elephant Ear".
This Colocasia "China Pink" is considered one of the hardiest and looks especially attractive.
The plant becomes approximately 100/150 cm high, has pink / red stems and large leaves.
Habitat: sunny, half shadow.

The Colocasia likes extra water and food in the summer, it will benefit the growth.
Can also be used as a marsh plant in a shallow pond.
Hardiness: -18ºC.

Transport: will be send without pot to reduce shipping costs.

Información adicional

Specie Colocasia esculenta China Pink
Altura total: 40-50 cm
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Precio: 9,95 €
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