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Cyathea australis, small trunk, 10 ltr. pot (No. 2)

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Cyathea australis, trunk, 10 ltr. pot (No. 2)


Cyathea australis

Cyathea australis is one of the most popular tree ferns, found in Southeastern Queensland, New South Wales,Tasmania, Australia, southern Victoria and the Norfolk Islands up to 1200 m high in moist shady forests.
It forms a trunk that can reach a height up to 12 m. Some reports mention heights as tall as 20 m, and fronds that are 4 m in length forming a crown that is dark green above and lighter green below.
The reason why it is so popular, is because of its acceptance of lower temperatures and the way it handles various climates and soils.
They are very well suited for tub culture.
In our regions it will even accept full sun. The soil has to be well-drained and moist, especially when they have a sunny location.
This is a cold-hardy tree fern -10C°.

Informação Adicional

Specie Cyathea australis
Pot size: 10 ltr.
Folha de cores: verde
Min. temperatura: -5 / -10°C
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Preço: 60,00 €
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