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Cyathea brownii, 10 ltr pot, 3 heads (No. 1)

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Cyathea brownii, 10 ltr pot, 3 heads (No. 1)


Cyathea brownii is one of the world’s largest tree ferns. It is a beautiful robust looking tree fern from the Norfolk Islands and Australia and forms a trunk that can reach a height of 5-16 m tall.
Already at a fairly young age it forms a massive trunk.
The trunk is covered with soft brown scales but is almost smooth because the fronds fall off after a while.
The leaves may reach 3-5 m in length. Cyathea brownii looks very similar to C.Cooperi, which is indeed a very close relative.
With the right amount of water, the right soil, combined with a good temperature and a partly shady location, it can be a rather fast growing specie which you will certainly enjoy.
It is a cold-hardy tree fern but it will not withstand much frost -3C°.

Información adicional

Specie Cyathea brownii
Altura total: 130-140 cm
Pot size: 10 ltr.
Min. la temperatura: 0 / -5°C
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