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Cyathea cooperi crested form, 2 head, trunk/stamm 10+12 cm (No. 1)

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Cyathea cooperi crested form, 2 head, trunk/stamm 10+12 cm (No. 1)


Cyathea cooperi

Cyathea cooperi is a medium to large, fast growing tree fern with 10-12 m high slender and good looking trunk and about 15 cm in diameter.
Its original habitat is Australia, it is often seen in subtropical and tropical areas.
But it is now a very popular tree fern and very common in cultivation.
It is recognized as a weed species in many of the warm temperature regions where it has been introduced.
The crown is widely spread and the leaves that may reach a length of 4-6 m have a light green colour.
It loves an abundance of water and a sunny location.
Alltogether, an easy tubplant. One that also reacts very well to fertilizers.
There is a large variety spp in this tree fern species, like ‘brentwood’, ‘cinnamonea’ and ‘revolvulum’. Some develop a massive trunk and there are various colours of scales.
This is a common sight, especially in the wild, -4C°.

The plant offered here is the special crested form, with split tops on the fonds.

You buy the plant in the picture!
Trunks are measured from the soil till the heart where the new fonds come out.

Additional Information

Specie Cyathea cooperi
Trunk size: 12-14 cm
Pot size: 10 ltr. pot
Leaf color: green
The plant on the picture is what you buy yes
Price: €125.00
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