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Cyathea cooperi CRESTED FORM, total 100-120 cm

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Cyathea cooperi CRESTED FORM, total 100-120 cm


Cyathea cooperi

Cyathea cooperi is a medium to large, fast growing tree fern with 10-12 m high slender and good looking trunk and about 15 cm in diameter.
Its original habitat is Australia, it is often seen in subtropical and tropical areas.
But it is now a very popular tree fern and very common in cultivation.
It is recognized as a weed species in many of the warm temperature regions where it has been introduced.
The crown is widely spread and the leaves that may reach a length of 4-6 m have a light green colour.
It loves an abundance of water and a sunny location.
Alltogether, an easy tubplant. One that also reacts very well to fertilizers.
There is a large variety spp in this tree fern species, like ‘brentwood’, ‘cinnamonea’ and ‘revolvulum’. Some develop a massive trunk and there are various colours of scales.
This is a common sight, especially in the wild, -4C°.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Specie Cyathea cooperi
Altezza totale: 100-110 cm
Foglia di colore verde
Si acquista il prodotto nella foto: no
Prezzo: 45,00 €
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