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Dasylirion texanum, 3 ltr. pot

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Dasylirion texanum, 3 ltr. pot


Dasylirion texanum

Dasylirion texanum is native in Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico.
It has light green leaves, a short trunk, and spectacular flower stalks from 9 to 15 feet tall.
The leaves have dangerously sharp spines or teeth along their margins, so they must be planted away from pedestrian areas unless they are used for security barriers.
Like all dasylirions, they need well-drained soil and full sun to thrive.
Protect from hard frosts when small.
Frost resistant till -15°C.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Specie Dasylirion texanum
Pot size: 3 ltr
Foglia di colore verde
Min. temperatura: -15 / -20°C
Si acquista il prodotto nella foto: no
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Country of Manufacture Messico
Prezzo: 26,50 €
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