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December discounts!

Avoid the price increases of 2019 which are:
- product price increases
- tax increases as per 1-1-2019 the Dutch tax goes from 6% to 9%
- transport price increases as they get more expensive every year

All mentioned discounts apply for all our products, excluding shipping costs as these are external costs for us also.

All mentioned discounts show in your shopping cart, and are applied in the following order:

10% Discount for all!

For all customers who visit this website, regardless if they have an account or not.
Just shop and the shopping cart will include your discount.

5% Additional discount for account holders!

Login to your account and shop, the shopping cart will then show this extra discount.

10% Additional discount for orders over EUR 1,000.00:

Some of our bigger plants can only be transported on a pallet.
This can be very expensive for only 1 plant and we can load much more plants on one pallet.
So alone of a combined order with other plant enthusiasts in your neighbourhood, this can be an opportunity to compensate some of these shipping costs.
if you are interested in this option, please contact us for a pallet price to your country and zip code. These prices are not included in our webshop as they differ per country and zip code and change too often.

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