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Dicksonia antarctica, double head! Trunk/stam 105 + 105 cm

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Dicksonia antarctica, double head! Trunk/stam 105 + 105 cm


Dicksonia antarctica

This tree fern was imported September 2019, so the leaves you see are from last year.
The plant has just been taken out of winter shelter, where the plants were packed close together, so the old leaves are not optimal, they had not much change to grow to the light.
As we send without leaves, it is best to order before the new leaves come out.

Best-known tree fern from Australia, with a massive red brown to dark brown trunk, that is 4-5 m and sometimes reaching 10-15 m.
The leaves are middle to dark green and 4.5 m long. Young fronds are a shade lighter of colour. 
It has a great adaptability to various circumstances, which makes it clear why it is often seen in cultivation.
It responds best to a mild and moist environment.
Placed on a sunny location it is in need of more water compared to more shady circumstances.
In good conditions the tree fern grows approx. 3 cm each year. 
This is a very-cold hardy tree fern -10°C.
It can be planted in the garden but it has to be covered at -5°C with straw and a rush-mat.
Make sure the roots are protected by leaves, straw or other available materials.

Additional Information

Specie Dicksonia antarctica
Trunk size: 100-109 cm
Single / multhihead: multi head
Pot size: none
Leaf color: green
Min. temperature: -5 / -10°C
The plant on the picture is what you buy yes
Price: €315.00

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