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Dicksonia squarrosa, 10 ltr pot, 2 head,trunk/stamm 4+13 cm (No. 1)

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Dicksonia squarrosa, 10 ltr pot, 2 head,trunk/stamm 4+13 cm (No. 1)


Dicksonia squarrosa

Dicksonia squarrosa is an extremely elegant and exotic looking Tree Fern from New Zealand.
It can reach a slender dark trunk up to 7 metres tall covered in yellowish-brown hairs.
The fronds, dark green on top and paler underneath are quite rough in texture and form a graceful spreading erect crown.

A unique feature of this species is its ability to re-sprout at the base if the top is destroyed by cold.
Should you lose your Dicksonia squarrossa due to the winter cold, do not remove it!

This species is happiest if it is never allowed to fully dry out. In the wild, the dead fronds cling to the trunk, forming a skirt, to prevent it from losing moisture.

It is not as hardy as Dicksonia antarctica and fronds will be damaged by severe frosts.
Hardiness: approx. -3°C without protection.

You buy the plant in the picture!
Trunks are measured from the soil till the heart where the new fonds come out.

Additional Information

Specie Dicksonia squarrosa
Trunk size: 12-14 cm
Single / multhihead: multi head
Pot size: 10 ltr
Leaf color: green
Min. temperature: 0 / -5°C
The plant on the picture is what you buy yes
Price: €85.00
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