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Dioon edule, plant 15-25 cm, 2-4 leaves

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Dioon edule, plant 15-25 cm, 2-4 leaves


Dioon edule

Dioon edule, the chestnut dioon, is an evergreen cycad native to the eastern coast of Mexico.
Cycads are among the oldest seed plants and even pre-date the dinosaurs. It belongs to the Zamiaceae plant family within the order Cycadales. The genus name "Dioon" means "two-egged", referring to the two ovules.

It is easily grown in moist, humusy, gritty, well-drained soils in full sun or part shade. Best is partial shade, especially in hotter climates. Tolerates poor soils. Drought tolerant once established.
Grows up to 180-240 cm and wide 120-180 cm.
No serious disease or pest issues.

During the growing season, Dioon edule should receive a moderate amount of water to keep the soil moist, with the plant slowly becoming drought tolerant as it ages.
Reduce watering in winter to just enough to prevent the soil from totally drying out. Try to avoid allowing the leaves to get too wet by ensuring the plant has access to airflow in more humid conditions.
Potted plants will require more frequent watering than freestanding plants.

Winterhardy: -8/-9°C, but possible leaf damage by higher temperatures.

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Specie Dioon edule
plantheight 20-30 cm
Pot size: various
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