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Ficus carica Brogiotto Nero, total 30-50 cm

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Ficus carica Brogiotto Nero, total 30-50 cm


Ficus carica Brogiotto Nero

Ficus carica Brogiotto Nero can be kept well in our climate.
The fruits are delicious to eat, they are ripe early, namely mid-August of this species.
Figs can be kept both in a tub and in the open ground.
Pruning of the bush occurs in the spring if necessary, then dead points are pruned to 1 or 2 sprouts.

Provide an open shrub that the light can easily reach the frame branches everywhere.
Available green fruits for the fall of the winter can be picked.
These do not survive the winter. In winter, the ground provided with a layer of tree bark to protect the roots from the frost.
Winter hardiness -12 / -14ºC.

Additional Information

Specie Ficus carica
Total height: 40-50 cm
The plant on the picture is what you buy no
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