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Flower Power, Revolutionary Probiotic Plant Care, 5 ltr

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5 ltr.


Probiotics .... The natural and revolutionary alternative to harmful pesticides!

For some time now, the enrichment of garden and agricultural land with probiotics, beneficial bacteria, as an alternative to chemicals has been on the rise.
Chemicals can not distinguish between good and bad bacteria.
In addition, many pesticides are so toxic that they will soon be banned in Europe.
That is why there is a need to find a replacement and with this product we are taking a new important step closer.
The method makes it possible to use customized bacterial communities in the fight against diseases and with this optimized method we can drastically reduce the number of chemicals.
This will also reduce the ecological impact of agriculture and horticulture on our environment.

Flower Power is a powerful probiotic concentrate for an organic plant strengthening for indoor and outdoor use.
It colonizes the plant surface with good micro flora and protects against formation of biofilm.
Ensures that pollution has no chance to build.
This results that sunlight (UV) and oxygen (CO2) better can penetrate inside, which allows for better growth and a healthier plant.

Use: 250 ml on 100 ltr water.

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