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Furcraea parmentieri

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Furcraea parmentieri, total 40-50 cm


Furcraea parmentieri

Synonym: Furcraea bedinghausii

Furcraea parmentieri is endemic to Mexico, growing only in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt.
The young plants of Furcraea parmentieri form a rosette of stiff, blue-grey leaves. As these plants mature, a tall trunk forms, felted with the remains of old leaves.
The trunk may reach a height of 3.5 meters, giving Furcraea parmentieri a palm-like appearance.
Somewhere between the age of 15-50 years, Furcraea parmentieri plants send up an impressive, 3 meter-tall inflorescence bearing panicles of white to cream-coloured flowers.
Despite an abundance of flowers, Furcraea parmentieri seldom forms fruits.
Although Fulcraea parmentieri has a limited native range, it is hardy to temperatures of -5°C provided it is planted in a dry, free-draining soil.
They are drought tolerant but grow spectacularly quickly with lots of water.

Additional Information

Specie Furcraea parmentieri
Total height: 40-50 cm
Min. temperature: -5 / -10°C
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