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Hesperaloe parviflora, total 60-80 cm

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Hesperaloe parviflora, total 60-80 cm


Origin: Chihuahuan desert Texas, north-eastern Mexico.
Also called "red yucca".
Hesperaloe parviflora is one of the most carefree plants there is.
Slow growing evergreen perennial of 90 cm high and 1.8 m wide it produces long-lasting flower spikes throughout the summer.
The common red-flowering plant forms a three-foot clump of stiff, leathery, grey-green leafs.
This tough plant thrives in full sun, reflected heat, and even tolerates some light shade if drainage is adequate.
It is drought tolerant, but grows better with supplemental irrigation in summer.
Hesperaloe parviflora also makes a great container plant.
Hardy to -18°C.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Specie Hesperaloe parviflora
plantheight 50-60 cm
Altezza totale: 60-70 cm
Pot size: diam. 23 cm
Foglia di colore verde
Min. temperatura: -15 / -20°C
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Prezzo: 17,95 €
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