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Lophosoria quadripinnata, 10 ltr pot

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Lophosoria quadripinnata, 10 ltr pot


Lophosoria quadripinnata

A very graceful fern from Chile and other parts of South America.
This hudge fern is not a true treefern at all, but it is related to Dicksonia and can develop a small trunk to 2 m high.
This fern grows easily and has leaves with a soft foliage.
The mature undersides of the lamina are a silvery glaucous blue, which is very striking.
Therefore it can be used for nice effects on banks where the undersides of the fronds will be more visible.
The hardiness of this fern is around -13°C. 

Additional Information

Specie Lophosoria quadrippinata
Pot size: 10 ltr.
Min. temperature: -10 / -15°C
The plant on the picture is what you buy no
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