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Musa basjoo stam/trunk 80-90 cm!

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Musa basjoo stam/trunk 80-90 cm!
Will be send without pot and leafs!


Best-known and hardiest banana, native to Japan.
Can be exposed to full sun.
Low maintenance and very hardy, the part above the ground will freeze during winter, but in the spring the plant will start again from the ground.
Height: 3-4 meter.

We can send packages till a max. height of 175 cm. To fit in a package we will cut the leaves. Musas grow fast and it will make new leaves very soon. Now is the ideal time before the new leafs come out!

Informação Adicional

Trunk size: 80-89 cm
Folha de cores: verde
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Preço: 49,95 €
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