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Musella lasiocarpa (Golden Lotus) plant height 15-20 cm

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Musella lasiocarpa (Golden Lotus) plant height 15-20 cm


Musella lasiocarpa is native of South Western Yunnan (China), where it grows in the high mountains, where it can freeze in winter easily.
This plant forms a the sacred flower of the local Buddhism, the lotus flower.
The flower consists of beautiful big yellow flowers, which remain on the plant for a long time.
Then makes small, inedible fruits come with large seeds.
Also makes young shoots around the mother plant.
Makes offshoot wherever new plants get along.
This type is only 1 meter tall and is therefore suitable for smaller gardens.
Better not leave outside in winter and keep dry.

Additional Information

Specie Musella lasiocarpa
Plant height 10-20 cm
Leaf color: green
Min. temperature: -5 / -10°C
The plant on the picture is what you buy no
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