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Nolina microcarpa

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Nolina nelsonii.
Will be send with soil, without pot for better plant protection.


Nolina microcarpa

The Nolina microcarpa is also called Bear Grass, naturally distributed in southern Arizona, southern New-Mexico, Western Texas and in Mexican states of Sonora and Chichuahua to a height of 1000-1650 m.
This clean accent plant is a great choice for planting around water features.
Native to the Southwest, this grasslike plant forms a clump to 120 cm tall by 210 cm wide.
The long, slender yellow-green to olive green leaves are leathery, with sharp and finely toothed edges.
The microcarpa can tolerate cold down to at least -26°C and perhaps lower! Tolerates full sun or partially shaded exposures, and requires well-drained soils.

Informação Adicional

Specie Nolina microcarpa
Pot size: 3 ltr.
Folha de cores: verde
Min. temperatura: -20 / -25°C
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Country of Manufacture México
Preço: 11,95 €
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