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Butia capitata

From Brazil comes one of the hardiest feather palms, also know as Pindo palm, wine palm, or jelly palm.
There are several known forms of this palm.
The leaves can vary from bluish-grey to green depending on the form.
Ultimately it can grow to about 4 to 6 mtr, though this will take some years.
The fruit from this palm are used to make jelly, hence the name jelly palm.
Butia capitata is an essential palm for the exotic garden and will withstand -10º or -12ºC when larger and well rooted.
It is also wonderful as a conservatory palm, or even indoors if the light is bright enough.

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  1. Butia capitata

    Butia capitata, trunk 300 cm, total 430 cm

    Butia capitata, trunk 300 cm, total 430 cm Learn More

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