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Trithrinax brasiliensis

Trithrinax brasiliensis var. Acanthacoma

Trithrinax brasiliensis var. acanthocoma is found in Brazil, South. Mountainous areas of South Brazil in open forest at between 700m and 1000m altitude in central and northern Rio Grande do Sul, and throughout Santa Caterina and Parana, with one wild population documented in Paraguay.

A highly attractive, medium sized, solitary palmate palm, with an unusual woven fibre wrapping the trunk, which includes the old spines. Trees in areas subject to fire and grazing tend to have bare trunks. Leaves are green with contrasting glaucous waxy backs, split around half way. It grows large bunches of white/pale green oval fruits about 1.5 cm long, the seeds are smaller and smoother than Trithrinax brasiliensis.
Winterhardy: -10°C.

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