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Phoenix reclinata, stem/plant 5-10/50-60 cm

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Phoenix reclinata, stem/plant 5-10/50-60 cm


,strong>Phoenix reclinata

Phoenix reclinata, also called Senegalese date palm, is often a multi-stemmed palm tree.
The trunks themselves are rather thin. The petioles have long, sharp spines at the base.
It tolerates drought quite well and prefers bright, sunny locations with well-draining soil. Like most Phoenixes, it is otherwise an easy palm to care for.
Phoenix reclinata is hardly hardy, -6°C, protect from -1°C, and can therefore only be kept as a container plant in our regions.

Información adicional

Specie Phoenix reclinata
plantheight 50-60 cm
Altura total: 80-90 cm
Pot size: diam. 24 cm, 22 cm high
Hoja de color: verde
Min. la temperatura: -5 / -10°C
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