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Podophyllum spotty dotty, plant 45-55 cm total 60-70 cm

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Podophyllum spotty dotty, plant 45-55 cm total 60-70 cm


Podophyllum Spotty Dotty

Podophyllum Spotty Dotty is still a very unknown plant. The first thing that strikes this winter hard plant is the special leaf.
The leaf can reach a diameter of 25/30 cm and stands on contrasting wicker rods.

This solid plant is round to star-shaped leaf and is occupied with chocolate to red colored marbled stains.
During the summer the spots color to lighter colors.
In the months of May/June, the foal blossoms with long hanging calf-shaped red/pink to red/brown flowers.
The flower throats are beautifully beneath the leaf.
After the bloom there will be fruit in the plant in September/October. These are fleshy green spherical fruits.
Prefers a shady spot, as well as wind sheltered because of the large leaf.

Growth height of this plant is about 70 cm.
In winter, Podophyllum Spotty Dotty loses her leaf.
Winter hardness -23ºC.

Additional Information

Specie Podophyllum spotty dotty
Plant height 40-50 cm
Total height: 60-70 cm
Single / multhihead: single head
Trimmed / untrimmed: trimmed
Pot size: diam. 18 cm
Min. temperature: -20 / -25°C
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