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Puya chilensis, total 60-70 cm

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Puya chilensis, total 60-70 cm


Puya chilensis

Puya chilensis comes from the arid Andes foothills of Chile.
An evergreen plant that forms large, dense rosettes of gray-green leaves with sharp spines.
The green-yellow flowers form on peaks up to 2 meters high.
The growth is slow and it can take twenty years or more before the plant comes to fruition.
If the plant is grown outside, it is able to tolerate light frost. In colder areas the plant requires protection during the winter and the plant can best be placed in a greenhouse or indoors.
Puya chilensis requires a well-drained, lime-free soil.
It can withstand drought, but will appreciate much water during the summer months.
The plant is susceptible to rot during the winter if it is kept too wet.
It may have some shade, but it is best to grow the plant in full sun.
The spines, even on very young plants, are very sharp and can cause injuries. Plants must be treated with great care. Thick protective clothing is recommended. Always plant away from the edges and from the areas where the children play.

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Specie Puya chilensis
Altezza totale: 60-70 cm
Pot size: C20
Min. temperatura: -5 / -10°C
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Prezzo: 17,95 €
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