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Strelitzia nicolai, total 80-100 cm

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Strelitzia nicolai, total 80-100 cm


Strelitzia nicolai

Strelitzia nicolai is a beautiful and easy to keep tropical plant. It is from the same family as bananas and forms beautiful white flowers of up to 30 cm in size, which appear almost all year round when the plants are 2 metres or higher. Usually from the 5th year of the plant's life the first flowering starts.

Furthermore, water reasonably well (the more leaves the more evaporation in the summer), but certainly prevent it from getting too wet.

From May to September the Strelitzia nicolai may receive a small amount of fertilizer every 2 weeks.

Strelitzias like to sit well rooted in a tub, so repot the plant to a slightly larger one if it grows completely out of the tub. In a tub, these plants are certainly between 2 and 3 meters high Winter hardness + 2ºC.

Additional Information

Specie Strelitzia nicolai
Total height: 90-100 cm
Pot size: 6 ltr.
Leaf color: green
The plant on the picture is what you buy no
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