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Syagrus Romanzoffiana sp. 'Santa Catarina', total 200-260 cm. Pallet transport!!!!!!

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Syagrus Romanzoffiana sp. 'Santa Catarina'
Total 200-260 cm
Pick-up or pallet transport


Syagrus Romanzoffiana sp. 'Santa Catarina'

Syagrus romanzoffiana covers a huge area in habitat from tropical Rio de Janeiro down to sub tropical Uruguay and the mountains of South Brazil where it sees frosts.
A Syagrus romanzoffiana from a tropical part of South America burns in frost, whereas the hardiest forms can take to around -8°C.
The mountains of Santa Catarina are the coldest part of Brazil, summers are less hot and winters are cold.
From this provenance they grow faster in cool climate and show more cold resistance.
Syagrus Romanzoffiana sp. 'Santa Catarina' is hardy to -9°C, it looks like a coconut tree, with a grey, thin, erect trunk and a crown of long erect leafs.

Additional Information

Specie Syagrus romanzoffiana
Single / multhihead: single head
Trimmed / untrimmed: trimmed
Pot size: 14 ltr.
The plant on the picture is what you buy no
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