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Washingtonia robusta trunk 40-50 cm

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Washingtonia robusta trunk 40-50 cm


Washingtonia Robusta:

This tall, solitary fan palm is also know as Mexican Fan Palm, Washington Palm, Skyduster and petticoat palm.

It is found in North-western Mexico and Baja California in desert and semi-arid areas, especially canyons, often near water. It grows to about 20m with persistant leaf bases.

The leaves are bright green, with cotton like threads on young leaves, and dark brown, heavily armed, shiny leaf bases. It prefers a sunny, well drained position. Drought and frost tolerant till -4°C.

Additional Information

Specie No
Specie Washingtonia robusta
Trunk size: 40-49 cm
Plant height 130-140 cm
Total height: 150-160 cm
Single / multhihead: single head
Trimmed / untrimmed: trimmed
Plant diameter: No
Pot size: No
Leaf color: green
Min. temperature: No
The plant on the picture is what you buy No
Price: €49.95
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