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Yucca brevifolia, 1 year, 3 ltr. pot

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Yucca brevifolia, 3 ltr., 1 year seedling


Yucca brevifolia: The Joshua Tree

Yucca brevifolia is native to the states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California.
It occurs on desert flats and slopes, and is most abundant in the Mojave Desert between 400-1800 m.
Y. brevifolia is a tree like species and the largest of all native yuccas in the United States.
It can reach heights of 10-15 m, and because of the many branches which grow in all directions they can reach a diameter of 9 m.
The rigid, sharp pointed leaves are 15-35 cm long and 8-13 mm wide, and have minute teeth along the edge.
The leaves vary in colour from grey-green to light blue-green and have minute teeth along the edge.
The inflorescence is only 29-50 cm long with creamy greenish, 4-7 cm long flowers. Y. brevifolia is not easily mixed up with other yucca's, but most of our visitors think that the branched Y. thompsoniana from Texas is a Joshua tree.
The Y. brevifolia tolerates European wet climates down to -14°C but in dry climates it can take -23°C.
Older plants are difficult to transplant.

Will be send without pot.

Additional Information

Specie Yucca brevifolia
Pot size: 3 ltr.
Min. temperature: -10 / -15°C
The plant on the picture is what you buy no
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Price: €15.95
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