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Yucca declinata, 3 years, 3 ltr. pot

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Yucca declinata, 3 years, 3 ltr. pot


Yucca declinata

Yucca declinata has its origin in the Mexican state of Sonora.
The species occurs in open woodlands and scrublands on volcanic and limestone soils.
The word declinata refers to the fact that this is the only known species of Yucca in which the flowering stalk is oriented horizontally.
The plant is tree-like up to 6 m tall, branching in the crown and suckering at the base.
Leaves are up to 140 cm long, yellowish-green, without teeth.
Flowering stalk is up to 130 cm m long, glabrous, usually perpendicular to the main stem.
Flowers are small and white.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Specie Yucca declinata
Pot size: 3 ltr.
Foglia di colore verde
Min. temperatura: -10 / -15°C
Si acquista il prodotto nella foto: no
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Country of Manufacture Messico
Prezzo: 19,95 €
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