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Yucca linearifolia, trunk 6 cm, plant 19 cm (56-4)

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Yucca linearifolia, trunk 6 cm, plant 19 cm (56-4)


Yucca linearifolia

Yucca linearifolia, also called Y.linearis is a beautiful Yucca with very small narrow leaves.
The Yucca linearifolia forms a cluster of 3-5 smaller trunks around the central trunk and can grow up to 200-250 cm.
Also this plant has some unique qualities what makes it different from other species.
It is a yucca which forms multiple trunks at the base that can be increased via cuttings.
So if through circumstances the base of the trunk is rotten, it can be cut off and the plant will make new roots via de outer trunk layer.
Another remarkable quality is that if the crown is rotten you can treat it for mould and this plant will make new crowns.
It is possible, and common, that in cultivation through other habitat environments or light, the green leaf color changes into blue.
Frost resistant till -15°C.

Informação Adicional

Specie Yucca linearifolia
plantheight 10-20 cm
Pot size: 4 ltr.
Min. temperatura: -10 / -15°C
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Preço: 25,95 €

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