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Yucca rigida, trunk/stam 165 cm (No. 15R003)

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Yucca rigida, trunk/stam 165 cm (No. 15R003)


Yucca rigida:

Yucca rigida is in general a single trunked species, but occasionally it forms multiple trunks growing up to 4-5 m height.
The beautiful light blue stiff leaves are 30-70 cm long and are 1,2 to 2 cm wide, but in cultivation they can reach 120 cm in length, ending in a stiff dark brown spine.
The leaves are also lined with a yellow margin and very tiny teeth.
The inflorescence is a panicle of 60 cm and hidden partially by the leaves, the flowers are like most species creamy white and 4-6 cm long.
Y.rigida is only found in northern Mexico were it grows on rocky hill sides.

Informations complémentaires

Specie Yucca rigida
Trunk size: 160-169 cm
Monotête / multi tête: monotête
Parés / non rogné: parés
Couleur des feuilles: bleu
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