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Yucca rostrata branched, bare rooted, 6 heads, trunk//total 190/240 cm (IMP19)

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Yucca rostrata branched, 6 heads, trunk//total 190/240 cm (IMP19)


Yucca rostrata

Origin: North east Mexico and West-Texas.
It is one of the most beautiful desert yucca's, with its nearly spherical heads, formed by numerous long blue-green to blue-grey leaves of 40-70 cm long and 1-1,3 cm wide.
The inflorescence is about 11 cm and the panicle is about 60 cm long and usually towers above the leaves. It has fleshy bright white flowers.
Yucca rostrata prefers growing on shallow slopes or ridges of limestone in limestone gravel.
Like all yucca's they like full sun and well-drained soils.
The plant will withstand temperatures down to -15°C, when rooted out properly.

Informations complémentaires

Specie Yucca rostrata
Trunk size: 190-199 cm
Hauteur totale: 240-250 cm
Monotête / multi tête: multi tête
Parés / non rogné: non rogné
Couleur des feuilles: bleu
Min. température: -15 / -20°C
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