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Yucca rostrata Quatro Cienegas, trunk/plant/total 67/100/130 cm (45R04)

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Yucca rostrata Quatro Cienegas, trunk/plant/total 67/100/130 cm (45R04)


Yucca rostrata Quatro Cienegas:

The Yucca rostrata sp. Quatro Cienegas is one of the most beautiful rostratas.
They are originally from Quatro Cienegas, Coahuile, Mexico.
This species has a slightly thicker trunk and a bunch of long, soft blue-green to blue-grey leaves of 40-60 cm, which form an almost complete circle.
Usually the plant has a head but it can branch at a height of 2-4 m.
The flowering stem is approx. 100-140 cm and has a large number of fleshy creamy white flowers.

The lower part of the trunk has been slightly trimmed, but if you want the untrimmed look, this is still possible as the upper leaves reach till the soil.

Informazioni Aggiuntive

Specie Yucca rostrata
Trunk size: 60-69 cm
plantheight 100-110 cm
Altezza totale: 130-140 cm
Singola testa / testa multi: singola testa
Pot size: diam. 37 cm
Foglia di colore blu
Min. temperatura: -15 / -20°C
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Country of Manufacture Messico
Prezzo: 300,00 €
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