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Yucca torreyi, 3 years, 3 ltr. pot

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Yucca torreyi, 3 years, 3 ltr. pot


Yucca torreyi

Yucca torreyi grows in general with one trunk, occasionally it will from multiple trunks, they also branch out sometimes.
Because of its long leaves and less regular head of leaves which are upright or in various angles, it is not so popular.
The leaves are rigid and 80-140cm long and 4-5cm wide.
The Y. torreyi has in general a yellow-green colour, but an attractive blue-green form also occurs as our people have seen in the Big Bend Area in west Texas.
The inflorescence starts in a beautiful purple colour and the flowers later develop a completely creamy white and are 4,5 to 9cm long; the panicle in general does not grows outside the leaf rosette. It gets halfway the leaves.
Y. torreyi is most similar to Y. treculeana, but Y. treculeana has smooth leaf margins, or very rarely light straight filaments,
Y. torreyi has abundant curly filaments on the leaf margins. Y. torreyi occurs in northeast Mexico and the states of Texas and New Mexico and is very cold hardy, down to -15° C.

Información adicional

Specie Yucca torreyi
Pot size: 3 ltr.
Min. la temperatura: -15 / -20°C
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Country of Manufacture México
Precio: 19,95 €
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