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Yucca linearifolia

Yucca linearifolia 'blue form', also called Y.linearis. There are two species of Y.linearifolia, a green form which color can change into blue depending on the area they came from, and a complete different blue form called Y.linearifolia 'galeana' with long leaves that we discovered at one of our trips on a different location. The green linearifolia has its origin in northeastern Mexico in the state of Nuevo leon. It has flexible, short green leaves up to 30-50 cm long, forming a perfectly spherical head. As you can read, there are also linearifolia's with very small leafs, some sellers using this to sell those plants as Yucca queretaoensis, but the leafs from Y.linearifolia bend, and from Y.queretaroensis breaks because those leafs are not flat, but square. The Yucca linearifolia forms a cluster of 3-5 smaller trunks around the central trunk and can grow up to 200-250 cm. This plant can withstand temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius. Also this plant has some unique qualities what makes it different from other species. It is a yucca which forms multiple trunks at the base that can be increased via cuttings. So if through circumstances the base of the trunk is rotten, it can be cut off and the plant will make new roots via de outer trunk layer. Another remarkable quality is that if the crown is rotten you can treat it for mould and this plant will make new crowns. It is possible, and common, that in cultivation through other habitat environments or light, the green leaf color changes into blue. These yuccas we sell as the blue form, but are different than the blue 'galeana' form! The green-blue form has shorter leaves than the blue 'galeana' form, (Galeana blue form is 50-120 cm) and the blue-green form is slow growing, the blue 'galeana' form is fast growing. Frost resistant till -18°C.

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  1. Yucca linearifolia

    Yucca linearifolia, trunk/plant/total 40/86/102 cm (No. 16M11)

    Yucca linearifolia, trunk/plant/total 40/86/102 cm (No. 16M11) Learn More
  2. Yucca linearifolia

    Yucca linearifolia, trunk/plant/total 47/92/106 cm (No. 16M10)

    Yucca linearifolia, trunk/plant/total 47/92/106 cm (No. 16M10) Learn More


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